Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flying, Surfing, and no work!

The Los Angeles trip has been great. Nick and I are on day four and having nothing but fun. On day one we stopped at the Point of the mountain in Salt Lake City and got about four hours of air time. Jeff O'brien meet us there and of course the cameras came out. Nick put the video camera on my glider so Jeff and I raced around trying to get some neat footage. After an hour, Nick and I thought we should get some footage of O'brien fllying close to launch. Jeff entertained us with several sliders and low passes until we were finished with the camers. After an excellent morning flying, we got some lunch and continued on our way to LA.

On the road to Salt Lake City.

O'Brien dragging a tip.

Jeff entertaining us with a slider.

Nick and I got a hold of Peter Swanson from Wills Wing and planned to meet him at Marshall flying site. After a night in the desert we rolled into LA and surprisingly enough got off the interstate at exactly the correct place without an idea where we were going. After coffee, we headed to the LZ and meet up with Peter, Dexa, Andreas, and Wolfgang. Since it was our first time there, Peter wanted to take us to the Marshall launch. Nick had a strong launch and got a long flight trying to work thermals for the first time. The mountain is brown with many thermals, so I managed to work out an hour and a half in the air. After everyone got down, we headed to Peter's for the evening.

The next day was of course another flying day so we headed to same place. This time Peter thought it would be alright to launch from Crestline. This launch is about a thousand feet higher than Marshall and just behind it. We all launched and couldn't seem to find much, so we headed to Marshall. Once we crested the ridge, the soaring began. The mountain was producing thermals similar to the day before, but a little weaker. After an hour I landed and enjoyed the rest of the day from the nice grassy LZ. Now it was time to visit Brad Potter, so off to Santa Monica we went.

Heading to LA. Wolfgang landing. Sunset at Marshall launch.

In the morning we woke to an overcast sky, but that didn't matter because we were surfing today. Nick decided to rest so Brad, Christina, and I went to the beach just south of the pier. The surf was small, but since it was my first time surfing, I still got worked. I lucked out on my first wave and got up. After this though, I spent time tumbling in the waves. The morning flew by and before I new it, we were done. Even though I got thrashed a few times, I had a blast and was looking forward to next day.

Santa Monica.

Another morning was spent surfing. I continued to get the hang of it and was able to catch a few more waves. Once again we saw some dolphins porpoising just outside of the break adding to the awesome experience. Afterwards, Brad had to work so Nick and I spent some time wondering around town checking out the fantasy life that is LA.

The next morning we hoped to surf, but got skunked. An off shore wind blew out the surf. Since the surf wasn't happening and we needed to hit the road that day, we figure the morning was as good a time as any to start the journey back home. We hoped to do some flying on the way, but were let down by overdeveloping skies. Home to Missoula it was.

The road to home.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like you guys had a steller trip. I only wish I could have been there with you. Have fun skiing yo! See you when your back in town.

OB said...

Chris -
BITCHIN' photos man. Nice road trip shots. Can you send me the wing drag photo for personal use? I noticed it's small on the blog.