Friday, February 20, 2009

Backcountry Bliss

Last Saturday marked the beginning of a 5 day backcountry ski fest. I went into the Bitterroot mountains South of town to ski couloirs, then traveled to the Swan mountains and hour East of town to yurt ski.

The couloirs were awesome. Two different lines, both about 2,000ft long. One with wild exposure and the other, a tight avalanche chute.

Couloir #1
Boot'n up the line



Ben skinning up couloir #2

Ben and I at the bottom

Sunday night I got home, unpacked, tried gear, and repacked. My roommate Erin and four of our friends head out for a few days of yurt skiing. The terrain was short, but excellent and the yurt was an amazing place to heads back to every night. We had great turns, amazing food, and wonderful company.


Erin ripping it


Charging it


Martin and Travis


Travis dropping in

The yurt

Chris skinning the ridge line

On top of Morel Mountain

The crew

Self pic

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More From Santa Barbara

Little Rincon

Sunrise at Little Rincon

Brad and Elizabeth

Pre-work session


Wine enthusiast's heaven


Avila Beach pier

Avila Beach

Searching for bait

Sea cliffs at Avila Beach