Thursday, February 11, 2010

Business in SoCal

After going to work for 4 days, I hopped on the plane and was on my way back to Santa Barbara. This time it wasn't entirely for play, but I still had plenty of fun. Brad and I spent some time at the local climbing gym and I also had a little time at the beach. Unfortunately there hasn't been any good swell so I didn't get a chance to surf. Next time.

Butterfly beach, Montecito

Carnage from last months big storm

Joshua Tree

Well I'm finally back in town after a bunch of travel and also have the time to review pictures and post something about my most recent trips.

On Jan. 20th, I headed to SoCal to meet up with Brad and climb in J-Tree. It turned out to be such an awesome trip. 100% relaxing. No pressure to complete some big climb, only have fun. Being in the desert always makes me aware of how much I enjoy a simplified life style. For two weeks, Brad and I worried about nothing other than what was the best way to have fun. Sleep in til temps warmed up enough, eat good, then climb. When the day came to an end, we'd again eat good and enjoy some beer by a fire while the stars sparkled above.

Half way through the trip, Glen, Anna, and Alder meet up with us for a few days. As always it was good to see them and fun to once again get to climb together. It got me reflecting on how times have change though. I could remember how we did what ever necessary to "dirt-bag" it on a trip and now I was sitting in a modified camper van watching a movie on an I-phone sitting next to a 14 month old....crazy. I must admit, it's nice not to have to dirt-bag it so hard anymore.

Time to get the fire started

One of many approaches

Night life

Evening at camp


Joshua Tree

Brad working a slab route

Ending the day

Sean working a slab boulder problem

Night at camp

Yucca plant



Anna and Alder


Glen on "Illusion Dweller"

Glen further up



Preparing for battle


Moon rise

Enjoying a beer

Night session