Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lolo Pass Bouldering

Today I met up with Levi, Beth, and Eric to explore the new bouldering area that Levi has been establishing over the last two years. He had told me once that it was the best place he had been bouldering, and that was saying a lot since Levi has travelled all over the US climbing. After many invites, I finally made it out and was thoroughly impressed.

1st boulder

Working the sit start

Eric dynoing for the final hold

As we rounded the ridge line, the first boulder came into view. "Holy shit." Every side was overhanging with one side having a dramatic overhang. In addition to having a perfect shape, it had features all over it. Levi had established problems ranging from V0 to project... All were of high quality.

Levi and I

Beth work a problem

Levi dynoing

Later we headed to another boulder which was also magnificent. Two usable sides; one with nice warm-ups and the other with problems ranging from V0 to V7 or so. This one was more of a high-ball boulder, towering up about 25 feet.

Many slopers

Beth traversing

Levi starting a V7

At this point we were tired and lacking many layers of skin from our fingers. The day was called leaving other boulders to be seen at another time. Time for a beer and a burger at the local back-woods bar!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parents in Town

Last weekend I had an excellent visit with my folks. Unfortunately I couldn't get more time off work, but the time I had was well spent. We played one of the local golf courses, enjoyed nice dinners, and visited old neighborhood friends up in Polson.

Ralph, Connie, and Mom


Lunch time

I only play golf a few times a year, mainly when my folks are in town, but my competitive side comes out strong. Even though my dad is a golfing freak :) and I barely play, I can't help but try to beat him. This isn't easy though since he is very good. I haven't beat him yet, but I'm coming closer. I shot an 84 and he beat me by two strokes, shooting an 82. Maybe next year!


Some Osprey
The Brownell's house

Sunday we headed up to Polson to visit Ralph and Connie Brownell. I grew up with their kids and a few years ago they retired to Polson. They have a nice big boat so we spent the day out on Flathead. It was a nice day of swimming, exploring islands, and relaxing.

Sunset from the deck

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Spring Video

Here are some videos of Big Spring thanks to David Glover.

Big Spring Hang Gliding Comp

An amazing experience! The week was packed with more flying than I ever expected to get. Clouds were popping and long tasks were getting called. 770 miles were possible and many people came close to getting all of them.

Home for the week

Modern camping

I got the chance to meet great people and fly excellent skies pushing my personal best day after day. After it was all said and done, I flew for a total of 20 hours and 412 miles far exceeding my expectations for this trip.

Preparing to tow

Jeff in goal after 133 miles

Typical dust devil

Obrien spot landing

Zippy in the cockpit of a B-52 during our rest day

The trip wasn't without carnage. A destroyed tug plane. Fortunately the pilot was ok.