Saturday, August 23, 2008

Parents in Town

Last weekend I had an excellent visit with my folks. Unfortunately I couldn't get more time off work, but the time I had was well spent. We played one of the local golf courses, enjoyed nice dinners, and visited old neighborhood friends up in Polson.

Ralph, Connie, and Mom


Lunch time

I only play golf a few times a year, mainly when my folks are in town, but my competitive side comes out strong. Even though my dad is a golfing freak :) and I barely play, I can't help but try to beat him. This isn't easy though since he is very good. I haven't beat him yet, but I'm coming closer. I shot an 84 and he beat me by two strokes, shooting an 82. Maybe next year!


Some Osprey
The Brownell's house

Sunday we headed up to Polson to visit Ralph and Connie Brownell. I grew up with their kids and a few years ago they retired to Polson. They have a nice big boat so we spent the day out on Flathead. It was a nice day of swimming, exploring islands, and relaxing.

Sunset from the deck

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