Friday, October 26, 2007

Back To Normal

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently, but not much has been going on. After my surgery, things didn't go as I expected. I came down with a low grade fever which plagued me for about a week and a half, then developed Strep throat which worked me over for another week. All the while I was still dealing with a slightly sore incision site. After four weeks now, I'm finally feeling back to normal.

I've spent the last couple weeks slowly (most people think too quickly) rehabbing myself trying to return to my previous fitness level. Limited workouts at the climbing gym and home have helped me return to normal. This last week I have finally felt like myself again.

Kootenai creek

The week started off with a hard session at the climbing gym. Even thought I felt weak I still climbed well and most importantly had a great time. The next day I headed out side to climb with my friend Levi. I was a little hesitant since I hadn't been in a harness yet, afraid that it may pull at the incision site. After warming up, I realized that the harness shouldn't pose a problem. Levi did some work on another route and we decided to climb it afterwards. I had this overwhelming desire to lead the climb. Nervous that a lead fall could tear my stitches, I thought this could be an expensive gamble if I lose. I lead anyways. I pulled as hard as I could though the crux but fatigue got the best of me and I whipped off. "Sweet no pain. I'm back to normal", I thought. Back on the route for a few more tries, each one ending the same way. I was thrilled to be back in climbing shape.

Levi moving a bolt

Levi on Hilty Traverse 5.13a

Later that day I went hunting for some elk and had a chance to watch a herd of them. With no chance to hunt them, I enjoyed watching their activities into the night. The next day was consumed by some organized hockey. Boy was it nice to get back on the ice. All the sprinting caused me no discomfort and I knew I was truly back to normal.

Ninepipes wildlife refuge

Wednesday night I worked and had a nice surprise. Jeff was reading through one of the better hang gliding publications; Cross Country, and pointed out that I had a photograph published. I didn't even know about it. My first published photo. I was very thrilled. That morning Jeff, an ER doc (Mike), and I headed North for some pheasant hunting. Jeff and Mike each got a bird and I was too clumsy to take advantage of my opportunity. Oh well.

My photo is on the contents page

Since I'm feeling great again, I should have plenty of things to post about (I hope). Sorry for the delay, but I'm back at it now!