Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yesterday marked Day 4 this week at Kootenai Canyon. Feeling weak lately, I felt it was necessary to get some milage in. The climbing was great and I remembered how much I enjoy our local routes. Everything from on-your-feet, to horizontal roof climbing. I put myself on anything from classic routes to old test pieces and was pleasantly surprised at my performance.

Since I was with Dean and Levi yesterday, I thought it could be a good opportunity to get some pics. The overcast sky diffused the sunlight limiting hash shadows, but forced slow shutter speeds. I made some mistakes and learned my lessons, but oh well, there will be next time.

Dean warming up on "Lookout its 10d" (5.10b)

Levi starting up "The B.R.I.K." (5.12b)

Levi "The B.R.I.K."

Levi "The B.R.I.K."

Levi "The B.R.I.K."

Levi "The B.R.I.K."

Levi on "Club Foot" (5.12a)

Dean on "Club Foot"

Levi on "Smoking Joe Tahoe" (5.12b)

Crux move on "Smoking Joe Tahoe"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

California Climbing

Another great trip to visit Brad and climb. This time we checked out some climbing in the hills behind Santa Barbara, then headed to the Needles. The climb in Santa Barbara was great. A short, but great crack climb with a heady mantle in the middle.

Mid-mantle move

The Needles turned out to be awesome. In the middle of no-where, we had the entire place to ourselves. Wonderful granite spires riddled with perfect cracks. We warmed up on some easier climbing which turned out to be some of the best. Then we worked our way to slightly more difficult climbing, which again was amazing. Excellent crack with great protection.

Approaching the mantle move

The scenery was spectacular; Mt. Whitney to the North and the Golden Trout Wilderness below us. Everyday lent itself to wonderful sunrises, sunsets, and great climbing.

Brad topping out on "T-Crack"

With only two days spent there, Brad and I left looking forward to a return trip.

Overlooking the climbs

Beer time post climbing

Brad on the last pitch of "Igor Unchained"

The Sorcerer

Topping out on "Airy Interludes"

Brad approaching the 1st belay on "Thin Ice"

View from near the climbing

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall in Montana

Last few week haven't been anything exotic, but I'm still managing to have fun. Thankfully work butts in long enough for me to catch my breath. The weather is mimicking summer, one that we never had, so I've been doing my best to take advantage of it. Fishing, climbing, flying, hiking, and visiting friends has been my agenda when not at work. I've caught a little bug now, but that will only slow my stride. Here are some pics from my daily jaunts...

Cutthroat Trout

Ben Brunsvold

Ben sticking a pig

The newest member of our clan; Ana Knoll

Cynthia and Ana

Patrick and Ana

Kyle assessing the next moves

Scotty working it

Scotty working the crux

Slightly upside-down over Missoula

Diving out of the maneuver

Bill Smith touching down