Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer is Approaching

The weather is becoming great around here; warmer temps, blue skies, and beautiful sunsets. Its an awesome time of year where just about every recreational activity I can think of is an option. Temps are warm enough to begin summer activities yet there is still snow in the high county to ski on. Just can't beat living in the mountains.

In the LZ

Setting up at launch

Last week Jeff and I ventured to Tarkio in hopes of finding dry enough rodes to make it to launch. After a few tries we made it and found a nice dry launch site. Conditions appeared to be great; a slight west wind with nice cycles moving through launch. After a quick set up I was standing on launch. A few powerful steps and I was in the air for the first time this year. Everything came back to me and it felt great to be in the air again. Conditions turned out to be more difficult than expected so after 15 minutes I headed to the landing zone. The wind direction was blowing 90 degrees cross from what we saw earlier and with barely enough altitude, I squeaked in a nice approach and landed. Moments later Jeff landed rather than fly around by himself for an hour.


Eric spotting me

The temps have been wonderful for rock climbing also. Not so warm as to get all sweaty but not so cool than your fingers get cold. I've put in a few days at the local crag and am pretty motivated to try and climb some routes. Its just a matter of staying motivated which can be a difficult thing when my head is in the clouds. Just have to wait and see.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Knolle's Party

Last weekend about 10 of us went skiing for Patrick's bachelor party. We headed into the East side of the Mission Mountains for four days and brought enough gear to be more than comfortable. The weather was stormy so visibility was poor and skiing options limited, but we all had a blast. Clint summed it up was he said, " I just can't stop smiling." It was great to spend time with friends I see often and those who I seldom see. Hopefully we can all do it again sometime.

Base camp


Some of the posse

Jeff and Kris



Poor Patrick