Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-season Work

Temps are becoming cold here and despite my resistance to winter, I'm starting to get skiing and ice climbing on the brain.

Wednesday, some friends planned on going to the Boulder Point fire lookout cabin to make sure it was winter ready. We needed to get some fire wood together and make sure it was sealed up good. When we got there, it was obvious that the forest service had done some work to the structure and it was looking great. The West Fork Ski Club had also done a great job throughout the summer keeping the place clean. Also to our surprise, somebody had already done the hard work of getting fire wood together. There really wasn't much for us to do but enjoy the lookout and drink some beer.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Playing the Tourist Role

Last weekend Sage and I had planned on going to Chico Hot Springs, but as the time neared, we hadn't gotten off the waiting list....plan B. We didn't really have a plan B so we threw some clothing in the car and left town. Our only plan...hike to Holland Lake falls. The hike was nice, but then what? We thought it could be fun to bar hop our way to Whitefish and hike around Glacier Sunday. Only the finest poe-dunk bars were on our agenda. Big Fork and Whitefish provided mild entertainment, but it was the "Blue Moon" in Columbia Falls that took the number one spot. A real Montana cultural experience. I can't spoil the experience for anyone, so just check it out.

The next day in Glacier was nice. Not too many people and as always beautiful scenery despite less than perfect weather.