Thursday, August 2, 2007

Red Skies above Montana

Kara, Jeff, Josh and I returned from our flying trip to an all too common smell in the valley. Smoke! It's August now and fire season is starting off as expected. After record temps for longer than I care to remember, it was inevitable that something started to burn. It's not just the poor air quality that sucks. The forest service has put restrictions on recreation. Mt Sentinel is closed from 1pm to 1am shutting down our flying and the rivers are closed to fishing after 2pm. I hope more restrictions aren't put in place for the sake of my sanity.

Blue Mtn fire 2003

Yesterday the valley filled in with smoke and I had to find a way out. It wasn't until the evening, but I escaped and went for a flight west of town. I meet up with my buddy Ron and planed on a mellow evening flight. After a week of intense, thought provoking flying, I need something more relaxing. Unfortunately our flight was short, but it was still flying and I had a great time. I soared for a short bit then practiced some steep turns. It was a fabulous way to end an otherwise cruddy day.

A smokey sunset above Tarkio

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