Monday, September 17, 2007

Back On-line

The Internet has been disconnected at the house for quite some time due to procrastination. Oops! I'm back in business now so I thought I would give a quick update to what I've been up to.

Here is a photo of Bob and I on the summit of a peak in the Purcell mountains of Canada. Not a care in the world except for the turns we were about to get. Standing there, neither one of us ever imagined that 4 months later Bob would be diagnosed with tongue cancer.

At the end of August, I headed out to Seattle to help out the family and support Bob through a few of his final radiation treatments. I spent the time visiting and doing what I could to help out my Aunt Heather. Washing some dishes, a little cooking, and some straightening up. I had a great time, but all the while I wished I could do more. It was very difficult to see my uncle in such a condition. I wished I could lend him my strength, both mental and physical, but all I had to offer was my presence. So that is what I gave.

Bob and I in Seattle.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for his final treatment. Work was calling me back. Bob has been on the road to recovery for a few weeks now and thing are looking good. I look forward to our next trip and when this will all just be a memory.

Not much going on since Seattle. Same old story; climbing, flying, hunting, and work. Here are some recent photos:

Spiders around my uncle's house

Sunset over Lake Washington

Sunset after a hunt

Heather's flowers

Some bouldering at Kootenai

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