Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Power Trip

Monday I was once again on another quick trip with Jeff, which as usual, included lots of driving with minimal time to have fun. Of course its always worth it. This time we headed to Salt Lake. The plan was to fly Monday evening on the North side at Point of the Mountain, hang out with our friends Jeff and Amber, fly the South side Tuesday morning, then head home stopping in Logan on our way to pick up a Peregrine falcon.

Provo Canyon

As we neared Point of the Mountain, flags around Salt Lake indicated we had proper wind direction to fly, but not the velocity we needed. Jeff and I head up to launch anyways to check things out. After standing around for awhile, we accepted that flying wasn't going to happen that evening and decided we ought to salvage what daylight we had left.

Shapiro skimming the ground

O'Brien with a slider landing

We decided to go hiking in Provo canyon and check out Bridal Veil falls. It was a short hike, but enjoyable scrambling around the cliffs. The falls were nice and we got the opportunity to see two goats. Amber and Jeff met up with us on the trail and we spent the evening catching up with them.

Shapiro putting it on a tip

O'Brien soaring

Since Jeff and I were on a tight time schedule, the two Jeffs and I had to get up early Tuesday morning to fly the South side. We got to launch around 7:30 and at that point, there were already paragliders in the air. Conditions were weak, but soarable. The next few hours were spent racing around the hill, dogging paragliders, and playing with touch'n goes. It had been a log time since I had been in the air and it was just what I needed.

By noon Jeff and I were headed to Logan for his bird. She was a sassy bird, but a beautiful one. After the short stop we were back on the road.

Jeff and his new bird

About 16 hours of driving for around 12 hours of fun. It was worth every minute of it. Not every day can you soar through the air like a bird, hang out with great friends, and get to touch and interact with a Peregrine falcon.

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