Sunday, March 23, 2008


Since I haven't posted in awhile, thought I'd up date everyone to whats been going on. The weather is getting nice here, so of course that means rock climbing has begun. I've been training hard since October on my home wall, so I thought this would be the season to project Shapiro's route; The Arborist, 5.13c.

Day 1: I needed to learn the opening moves to the route, so I got on lead and threw myself at it. I stuck the move 4 out of 5 times, but couldn't unwind from it to the next hold. The move is so difficult for me that 5 tries was all the energy I had.

Day 2: This time I thought I ought to top rope the route so I could familiarize my self with the other moves. I worked it bolt to bolt, still unable to do two moves. I was pleased with the top portion of the route though which goes at around 5.12c.

Day 3: Another day to work all the moves. A little progress with the two difficult moves, but overall it was a disappointing session. Sloppy climbing with a lack of energy.

Day 4: Disaster! After I stuck the opening move, my hand slid off the hold tearing it open. Bleeding profusely, I tried the other moves, but realized quickly my day was over.

Its been four days of rest and healing now. Tomorrow might be day 5 on the route. Have to see how the fingers feel first.

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