Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flying, skating, climbing and more...

I had the last few days off and they turned out to be good ones. The weather is getting nice and Missoula is a had place to beat in the summer time. I got a chance to fly, skate, climb, and just lounge around enjoying the sun.




Most of you know that I obsessively fly and climb when I have a chance, but recently its been skating that is eating up a chunk of my time. Yea, yea, I know. When will I grow up? Maybe never. Take a look around. Who is having more fun in life or should I say wearing a smile more often? Children or bitter adults...



Since my last skating post I have been at the park nearly every day. After many cuts, bruises, and scraps, I'm starting to get my form back. Of course I've began to feel like an old man in the process. I didn't remember the ground feeling so hard!

Blodgett burn

Some local art


Summit photo

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