Friday, May 8, 2009

Big Sky Montana

Wednesday I found myself driving to Big Sky Montana with my buddy Justin to try and climb Beehive Peak. We strategically parked the car and bivied between a bar and a breakfast joint. Yes, this comes from years of experience. We passed out from all the beer and delightfully woke up with coffee and breakfast sandwiches literally only 30 feet from us.

Beehive Peak

The drive to the trail head is simple; through neighborhoods filled with some of the most expensive property the state has to offer. After gawking at a few homes (some had chair lifts directly to them) we were at the trail head.

The approach is easy. A few miles with very little elevation gain. Once we got to the basin, weather started moving in an we decided it would be best just to ski rather than climb. Luckily we approached in our ski boots and packed the climbing boots making this option possible. As we approached the peak, we could see that the routes weren't even in condition, but found the snow to be great. Justin and I boot-packed up a coulior to the left of the peak and found skiing down it to be great. We had so much fun with the turns that we decided to lap it once again.

Coulior we skied

The ski out took us an hour and we were at the car by 3:00. Rather than spend another night in Big Sky, we headed for Missoula where we could enjoy a more lively night life.

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