Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Cali

Once again I was back in California visiting Brad. After my trip in January, I told myself it would have to become an annual trip. I think it will become much more than that. With the abundance of recreational opportunities combined with amazing weather, I can't help but want to spend much more time down there.

As expected the fun began the moment I stepped off the train. Brad dropped me off with some friends at a local brewery while he sailed and we enjoyed some drinks before heading to their camp site on the beach for dinner. We dined and drank well while enjoying the sunset and surf crashing onto the beach.

Most of the week we followed a routine of getting up early, checking the surf report, then headed to what we thought the best break would be. The days of surfing were usually broken by a beach run or lounging around while we waited for the tide to head out so we could get back in the water.

Sunset from Pine Mtn

Camp at Pine
Over the weekend Brad took me up to Pine Mtn behind Ventura for a night of camping and two days of bouldering. We nearly had the entire place to ourselves and even thought Pine is far from the coast, we were high enough to get a view of the ocean.

Our camp site

Enjoying a beer
With my remaining time there, Brad and I spent more time surfing and climbing. And or coarse sampling great wine. With the more time I spend down there, the more I can see myself living there. Maybe just a bunch of trips will satisfy that craving...

Bouldering at Pine

Bouldering behind Santa Barbara

Looking down on Santa Barbara

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