Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Great Flight

Yesterday was an awesome day in the air. Jeff, Karl, Brian, and I went up Sentinel in hopes of a good cross country flight and that is exactly what we got. Conditions were looking great so we headed up the hill early. Launch conditions weren't idea so it took us awhile to get in the air.

Once I was off the hill, I found it difficult to stay up. Jeff and Karl were just above the top while I was looking at the LZ. Luckily I found a thermal low, worked it hard and found myself climbing out. Jeff quickly joined me and we were on our way to 13,000 ft. By the time we neared the clouds, we had drifted down the Clark Fork valley. We pulled full rope and headed for Drummond.

Jeff thermaling above launch

We were getting low near Rock Creek and stopped to find a climb. Back up to 11,000 ft, we headed again towards Drummond. This next glide got us to within one more jump over the mountains to Drummond. The lift was soft, but steady. At 10,000 ft, we headed towards the valley.

Jeff climbing out

We were entering as blue hole and found no lift as we went on glide. Jeff was out front heading for Drummond and I was following behind. It wasn't until I got to the foot hills next to Drummond that I found lift. Unfortunately, I was too low to comfortably work it. I drifted for a short ways then landed in a nicely hayed field. Jeff was able to drift further down the interstate landing in the next available field.

My landing zone

We found out later that Karl and Brian both got up and went down the Potomac valley. Everyone had a great day.

Waiting for Greg

Luckily for us, Greg Brow was on the road and picked up our radio communication. He was picking us up within minutes of landing.

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