Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend in Helena

Last weekend Kathryn and I decided to hang in Helena for a bit. We went to visit her father and do a little sailing. Having absolutely no experience with sailing, I was excited. On the way into town we touched base with her Dad and he was at the local Fish, Wildlife, and Parks facility. They have a brand new facility with a raptor and bear rehab center. Her father was volunteering some time so we got the opportunity to stop by and check out some of the birds.

I was thrilled to see the birds. They had a handful of raptors, my favorite being the Golden Eagle. It is such a hugh magnificent bird. Afterwards we headed to town and got ready for a weekend of boating.

Sailing was a blast. I got to understand how it all worked and even got an opportunity to be in control. Saturday was nice and casual, but Sunday was race day. The local club coordinates fun races so we had a go at it. Unfortunately we got worked over, but it was still a great time.

With limited time, Kathryn and I headed back to Missoula to make Patrick's daughter's 1st birthday. We spent the evening watching the kids play and catching up with friends.

Great Horn Owl

Golden Eagle



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Ken T. said...

Chris, We must talk sailing some time! I have extensive experience racing, from round the buoys to long ocean races. If I weren't climbing, I'd be racing sailboats. Glad you got a chance to check it out.

-Ken T.