Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to Reality

It has been a few months since we've been back from China. It was pretty much just jump back into the routine of things. One day off to get my shit together, then back to work. Daily life has been normal. Work mixed with play. We haven't had much of a snow season so I've mainly been ice climbing. The ice has been good so I've had plenty of opportunities to continue improving. When not out climbing or working, I've continued to work on my photography. Trying new techniques and working on improving existing ones.

The holiday season has been a very shitty one for me. On Thanksgiving night, one of my best friends was in a serious roll over accident. Thankfully despite his serious injuries, he is healing up nicely. Later, the beginning of December brought with it news that one of my old time best friends John Redwine, was found dead in Lebanon. Apparently he took a fall while climbing solo. A week later my mother called me to let me know that my Grandmother had passed away. And just the other day I learned that a close family friend back in Wisconsin has been in a horrible car accident and seriously injured. Pretty shitty season, but I guess that it life.

Redwine, typical Blodgett approach

Josh Beckner, Myself, and John

John and I skiing on July 11th at Logan Pass, GNP

John and I and the final belay on "Modern Home Environment"

John in Glacier's high country

Kathryn's first day on ice

Working on new techniques/images

Myself climbing the "Daggers"

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Jeff said...

Chris, Thanks for the old photos of John. They bring back some good memories. He was a great dude...