Monday, May 14, 2012

Back in Blodgett Canyon

Friday morning I met up with Shapiro planning to climb in Blodgett canyon.  We had our sights set on an eight-pitch route, which recently went free, by one of our friends.  We’ve been spending most of our time sport climbing this spring, and were eager to get some air under our feet.

Jeff and I had a bit of a casual start, getting to the parking lot around 10am.  The approach went as expected and by noon we were racking up at the base.  As I began the first pitch, I quickly realized that my recent inner ear infection, which had been causing balance issues, hadn’t quite passed.  Despite the unsteadiness, I continued up the pitch reaching the anchor.  Meanwhile Jeff was posed in the classic belay position, which was starting to take its toll on his neck.  A recent rear-ending car accident has left Jeff with a lingering injury.  Jeff climbed up the pitch and when he reached me, we laughed, discussing how we both felt like a couple of old guys.  Since we both felt off our games, it was time to change plans.

We thought it would be best if we took it easy, opting for some moderate climbing and a relaxing day on the wall.  Another pitch put us on a nice ledge where we could hang out and TR a more challenging pitch.  Jeff and I spent the rest of the afternoon working a very aesthetic corner and enjoying the views. 

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