Friday, June 22, 2012

Soaring Mt. Sentinel

Wednesday Jeff, Josh, and I were busting out some harness parts when the sky started to look promising.  Promising was all we needed.  We called it quits for the day and grabbed our flying gear.  As is typical, the sky looked amazing over the mountains with well spaced cumulus clouds, but over the valley the sky was blue.  No worries though, we knew there was still some activity out there.  

The new Wild Things logo on my glider

Everyone headed up the hill and began setting up immediately.  Josh launched his paraglider quickly and after a short period, was well above launch.  I hooked in and joined him in the sky.  I climbed out immediately to 6800 ft and went on glide to Dean Stone mtn where I met up with Josh.  We thermaled together for a short bit before he headed south down the Bitterroot valley.  I did my best to gain enough altitude to pull the trigger and head south but it just wasn't in the cards for the day.  After an hour of trying, I called it quits and headed towards the north.

 Looking north from Dean Stone mtn

I noticed everyone was beginning to land so I took a quick tour of the Rattlesnake and town before headed for the LZ.  After a misjudged approach, barely clearing some trees, my feet came back to earth and I met the others to break down.  The flight was exceptional and cleared my overcrowded mind.

 South down the Bitterroot

Pattee Canyon

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Bob said...

So happy you still have a mind.