Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Outdoor Retailer Show

After 3 years of wanting to get into the OR show it finally happened.  Within a few hours however, I wanted out.  It is a neat show with every company you could imagine and all the right people to meet, but totally overwhelming.  I felt like a little kid being drug around a mall with their mother.  Too many people and too much stimulus.  Quickly I wanted to leave and go climbing rather than talk climbing.  Ben and I put in our time, made some good contacts and saw the latest and greatest products.  

Hearing that Maple Canyon ice was in, we skipped out on the 2nd day of the show and went climbing. It was a great break and a beautiful place to experience.  Temps were warm and the ice was quickly disappearing but we managed to squeak in two climbs before returning to Salt Lake.

Saturday we spend a half day at the show saying our thanks and good byes to folks we met.  After that it was a quick drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon with Ben and Nick for a little side-country tour.  We spent the afternoon touring the side-country and getting some nice turns in.  After some dinner that evening, Ben and I motivated for the drive back dot Missoula....big mistake!  We rolled into Missoula around 3am completely strung out on red bull wanting nothing more than our beds.  It was a rough drive.  

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