Thursday, December 20, 2007

Don't Know Until You're There

Had another great day out at Finely creek today. This time I found a partner! I woke up this morning disappointed to see it raining out side. Kyle was still enthusiastic about climbing so I hoped the climbs were at en elevation were it was snowing. As we got near the trail head, the rain sure enough turned to snow. Excellent. There was no way I was going ice climbing in the rain. Kyle hadn't climbed much there before so we decided to start out on Grain Eater. A 200 ft WI 4. In the posting below, its the climb just left of what I soloed. Ice conditions were great. Just enough water content to make the ice elastic but not too much to make it a wet climb.

Next we decided to step it up a little. We headed to an area known as the Daggers gully. The route Truckers World was in good conditions so I felt obligated to climb it. Again the ice was in excellent condition. The curtain wasn't running with water but had enough water content to allow it to be safely climbed. With the remaining day light we had, Kyle and I headed home.

Here is an old photo. Truckers World is the left most line of icicles.

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