Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Right and Left Hand Belay

Had a nice day out at Finley creek today ice climbing. It was a quick trip though. Just one climb. No one was available to climb with so I decided to go on a quick solo mission. The temps were slightly warm so I anticipated good ice conditions. Nothing better than burying your picks in hero ice. When I got to the base of the climb, I saw it dripping with water and knew my guess was correct. Gitty with anticipation I started climbing. A little rock climbing gave way to the ice which accepted my picks nicely. I thunked away at the ice and within a few minutes was on top. I rigged the rappel and was back to my pack in no time. A quick hike to the car and I was on my way home. House to house in 4 hours with 200 feet of climbing. It was a great to-the-point kind of day.

At the base, Approaching, The climb (right side)

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