Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day

Thursday was a busy day spent at the hospital then followed by a great evening with friends/family. Work never closes so some of us unfortunately have to work the holidays. Fortunately with my new schedule (4am-4pm), work doesn't get in the way too often.

Mike and Nya


After work I raced over to the Shapiro's for a nice dinner with Jeff, Kara, Nya, Dave, Mike, and Pam. The food was wonderful second only to the company. It was an early night since Jeff had to work the next day, so I was off to meet up with more friends.

Travis, Jen, Shanon, and Josh


Bonny and Jen

Bonny and Steph

Bonny was hosting Thanksgiving, so I headed there next and met up with her, Jen, Travis, Steph, and others. At this point I tried to stick to a liquid diet, but found myself with a second dinner. After wine, two dinners, and being on my feet for 20 hours, my body told me this day had come to an end.

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