Monday, November 24, 2008

Escape to the Cascades

I spent the last few days with my Uncle Bob at his cabin in the Cascade mountains. The cabin is above the town of Leavenworth and is a wonderful place to disappear to. Winter has begun to grasp the area dropping snowline to around 4,000 ft. Cloudy winter skies and cool temps made the cabin and the fire stove inside all that more welcoming. We did however go for a nice hike up to Colchuck lake which boarders the Enchantments. The snow was about shin deep, but the air was calm making for a nice day.

Bob and the cabin

The trail to Colchuck

Sunday greeted us with clear skies and cold temps. Frost covered the ground, but the day was too beautiful to not enjoy. The day would be short since we both had to head home, so it was decided we would go for a short walk amongst some boulders.

Colchuck Lake

A few years ago, a new bouldering area was developed and as it turned out, was just down the road from the cabin. I had climbed there a few years ago, so I thought I would show Bob. Everything was still frosted over so no bouldering, but we enjoyed the short walk before leaving for home.

Icicle Creek in the background


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