Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neck Deep in Hang Gliding

I've had a good week being surrounding with good people and immersing myself in hang gliding. Dustin, jeff, and I have been cranking away building as many harnesses as we can. It has been fun working with friends and producing a product that people all around the world are excited about. Of course some days we bail out early when the cu's start popping. If we're building the product, we gotta use the product.

We found ourselves back at the training hill helping Jeff teach Justin and Sara. They both did great and are fast on their way to flying. It brought back fond memories watching them train and get excited about the sport. Even Jeff and Dustin snuck in a flight when the wind came around.

The other night a few of use headed up the hill for an evening flight. Dustin had been working all day while I was having a tattoo worked on, so we were looking forward to the evening soar. Nicky had high hopes of getting a tandem flight with Jeff that night as well. Conditions on top were light and looked like a sled ride. Didn't matter though, it was still flying and my first flight in a new harness. Jeff let us know he was heading back up, so we set up the gliders and started punching off the hill one at a time. They were all short flights, but still very satisfying. I think Nicky was the most satisfied with the flight. There is nothing like seeing someone who has just landed, buzzing from their first flight.

Dustin slaving away

Jeff working an inner shell

Jeff, Sara, and Justin

Sara working on launching skills

Justin's first flight

Myself on launch (courtesy of Tamar Kasberg)

Dustin just off launch (courtesy Tamar Kasberg)

Jeff and Nicky (courtesy Tamar Kasberg)

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